No Free World


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"No Free World" was written by MARA and recorded and mixed by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios in San Mateo, CA.


released October 7, 2016

Guest Vocals provided by Billy Nichols in "A Place For Dark Souls", Desiree Juanes in "Confinement, Anthony Conley in "Marked For Death", Tim Dukes in "No One Is Safe, and Jonathan Neel in "No Free World".



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MARA California

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Track Name: A Place For Dark Souls
I'm just a man born to live in hell. Conceived in hate. Sworn to live in misery. One man. One fate. Who knows a place for dark souls.

I'm just a man who knows pain better than I know myself.

No place for lack of common sense. No excuse for your ignorance.

Shackled up. Hands tied down. Living life bound without the key. Where was my mistake? Am I nothing more than a disgrace? Am I alone? Leave me to die in this place. This place for dark souls.

In a world so full of fakes there's no time to play these games that you've made. We live a life so full of mistakes, misery, pain, lies and deceit. I will do whatever it takes, just so you know, you will never get the best of me.
Track Name: Without Walls
Voices inside my head
Telling me this is the end.
Torment, you'll find me dead.
I live in agony.
A prison, a place to die.
No pain, just hate inside.
In anguish, I set aside.
Can you rid me of this hell?

Set me free.
Suffer in hell on earth. In love, in war, no man will ever win. We suffer imprisoned in this place called home we live without walls.

Confine. Conform. I will live free without walls.
Track Name: Infectious Hate
Who do you think I am? Another lost cause; a broken man. Who do you think you are? Old friend, the one who bites the hand that feeds you. Infectious hate. That is your name. Infectious hate. You play your games. Nothing's the same. So fake. So quick to turn your back on me. You mean nothing to me now. Spread your name just like you spread your hate. Kill them all. Rid this world of your disease. Hate. Kill them all. You're nothing but a disease. Infectious hate. Can you hear us now? Voices of the enslaved, rise.
Track Name: 10-53
I am nothing.

Your words mean everything.
My thoughts mean nothing to you.
Take my life
Abandon my soul
Faith arise. No control over the darkness of my mind.
My thoughts decay. Seek: Find.
You will not exist. In the end we all die. Bittersweet. My demons flee.
It's time for me to destroy.
That once was me, 10-53.
Track Name: Rigor Mortis
In a world of bitter pain. In our world, we live insane.
Accusing the righteous. Scorning the weak. Why do we fear, all that we hate? Why do we fear? Face your fear. When nightmare clouds your mind, you learn to Fear the name. Fear the name. In our world hatred reigns. We live insane. We've learned to fear the very name. In this discord; Fear is the one who wears the mask. This mask of death.

World of Hate. Bones to break (Decompose). Cease to breathe. Flesh fell weak (Deplete this corpse). Now. Death will reign. Life is pain. We will decease; rigor mortis.
Track Name: Mind Prison
In my mind, a darkened room. Angel of death, and father of lies. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Destitution is where we lay. In a fallen world. Blackened earth. Land of destruction. Into the fire, mourn and decay. If ignorance is bliss, why is this world so full of bitterness. Death and destruction is all we know. In the corners of my mind. Darkness is what you find. Am I a slave? A captive waiting to be set free. Look inside this mind. Tell me who I am. Tell me what you find. This mind is a prison.
Track Name: Confinement
Bring me back to life.

Take me in. Have I been gone too long?
Never knowing how to love. Bring me back to life.
Starving and cold. You left me out to die. Can you just see? I need to be alive.
Longing to feel. How can you say you've tried? Why can't you see? The truth is deep inside.

Bring me back to life.
Track Name: Marked For Death
Marked for death. My name, etched in stone. Deliver me from this pain. Everyone and everything, a life lived in vain.
This is a lie. My life, the very thing that you despise. Everything you've worked for was just another mistake, another truth to hide. Deliver me. Deliver me from this death.

I am a marked man. Sentenced to a world of torment. Living in death. A life of fear, defeated, a mind of scorn.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Land of disdain, with every breath I take, another step toward my fate.

Cast me into the fire. I am unworthy. I am unclean.

Purify me. Whether it be through flame or storm.
Burn me alive or let me drown.
I curse the day, the very day that I was born. Why did You accept the crown of thorns?
Why did You accept a death in place of someone so unworthy?

Remove this breath, my breath of life.
I leave my door open for the thief in the night.
Do not pass over my home.
Take me now so that I will no longer be alone.
I've been trapped in my mind since birth.
Make me one with the earth.

Death is my home.
Let me see Your face.
Remove me from this place.
From this darkness.
From the demons that I invited in so willingly.
The demons that claw at my skull.
Let me place my crowns at your feet.
Let me surrender everything.
I beg of you, release me. Release me.
Track Name: No One Is Safe
Falling into the lake of fire. Fallen like the world. Our death bed, is where we lay. No one will see your dreams. no one is safe.

Violence isn't in your mind, or on tv. It's in your street. Living. Breathing. Flesh of the weak, prey on the innocent. The ones who build your bed. Death is your beginning, and death is your end. Who will save you? no man is free. no one is true.
You think you have your answers. A fist, a fight. Fight for your life, not for what's right.
Rebellion at its finest. Punk life, thug life. Whatever makes you sleep at night. You don't stand for a thing, you only live a life of bigotry. You're just a fake. A name on display. Hardcore. The very thing you say you stand for. What will you do when everything you've worked for was all for nothing. A reverie. Mindless leading the mindless. No one will ever be safe.
Track Name: Survival
Blinded by your affiliation. We've been torn by segregation. Mind full of hate, you spit your rage. You've been caught. Guilty by association. Who do you do this for? If not for yourself? Live alone; die alone. No one is faithful. No man is true.

So nut up and show up, grow up or shut up. You don't live for this scene, you only live for yourself. People pleaser, drama teaser. Thinking music is your outlet when it's just an excuse; For your reputation, pure falsification. All you ever show is your hate.
Abusive nature. You stand alone.

Survival isn't for the fittest. That isn't why I'm in this. Survival isn't for the fittest. Survival. If you're so in it to win it, why have you lost your mind? Insanity.

How will someone like you ever survive when hardcore is dead?
Track Name: No Free World
This is the end.

Live a slave. Die a slave. Born to live, live just to die. One world. No peace.
Will we ever make it out alive? Living a lie. Living just to die. No free world.
Land of the weak. Home to us slaves. No one is brave. This is our anthem to a world that is no longer free.
Living isn't simply breathing, in a world of rage. Bitterness is what you feel. Happiness isn't real. Like the walking dead. Love turns to hate. Can you see, there is no free world?
No free world.
Let me go.
Get me out.
Can I ever leave?
Can I ever be free?